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Westerbeke Diagnostic Software - EC-20

Applies to the Following Models:

  • All D-NET diesel models - marine and industrial

Welcome to the download page for Westerbeke Diagnostic Software! Our proprietary software is designed to provide detailed operating parameters and help technicians troubleshoot issues. We are making the software readily available on our website to support and expedite field service, however Westerbeke recommends this software is used by qualified technicians only.

Westerbeke Diagnostic Software requires a laptop with Windows 7 or later and a proprietary PC interface cable Westerbeke part number 055410 .

IMPORTANT: If you already have the diagnostic software installed and you are updating existing software with a newer revision, the old software must be uninstalled before installing the new software.

CLICK HERE for diagnostic software installation instructions and features.

CLICK HERE to download the EC-20 diagnostic software.

* NOTE: You may see a popup indicating the publisher could not be verified, or Windows' User Account Control (UAC) may ask you if you want to allow this app from an unknown publisher to make changes. If you see either of these, or a notification similar to these, click allow or give permission to install.

Notes on PC interface cable: If you make sure your laptop is connected to the internet BEFORE you plug-in the PC interface cable, typically the driver software will load automatically. You can do this at your shop if you do not have internet access in the field. You should only have to do this one time for any given laptop. If this does not work, use the PC Interface Cable Driver software. Also, we recommend the latency time for the USB cable driver be checked every time the software is used. Here is a link to Service Bulletin 268 with details on latency timing adjustment. Westerbeke Service Bulletin 268.

How to use the software: After installation, when you open the program, at the top of the page click Help; and click Help again for instructions on how to use the software.

Technical information is provided on our website for your reference and convenience. Westerbeke recommends that your engine, generator or climate control system is serviced and/or installed only by an authorized Westerbeke distributor or dealer. Click here to locate the Master Distributor or Dealer for your area.