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Photo Gallery - Holly Bluff 8.0 BEG

Westerbeke 8.0 BEG with 17,886 Hours of Operation!
And still going strong..........................

​Holly Bluff Marina is an authorized Westerbeke Dealer located in Deland, Florida. They also own and
operate a fleet of rental houseboats on the St. John's River. In the mid-90s, Holly Bluff was selected to field test one of our 4-cylinder pre-production Low-CO gasoline gensets as part of our effort to prove the design prior to officially releasing the product(s).

The hour meter shown in the picture above is from a Westerbeke 8.0 kilowatt gasoline genset (8.0 BEG) that has clocked nearly 18,000 hours of operation in one of Holly Bluff's rental houseboats. What does 18,000 hours of operation really mean? Let's relate it to operating an automobile. The genset's engine runs at 1,800 RPM (60 hertz) which is about 40 MPH in a typical car, so 18,000 hours of operation equals approximately 720,000 miles! Rick Armstrong (the owner of Holly Bluff) told us that no major repairs were made, just routine maintenance, and it's still running strong!

There are thousands of Westerbeke gasoline gensets operating in houseboat rental fleets and
private boats across the country that are providing exceptional service just like this one!

Since their introduction in the 1980s, Westerbeke has been the gasoline generator set of choice for houseboat manufacturers, owners and operators.

Thanks for sharing this with us Rick! And thanks for being a faithful Westerbeke dealer (and owner/operator) since 1993. We appreciate your service!